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Well you come home and discovered that somebody put a dent in your table!!!
What do you do next?
cover it up with a towel
Well don't you worry about it because it can be fixed very easily with only a few readily available items that you might have around the house or just go to your local hardware store.
Dents are pretty easy to fix if it hasn't got into the color of the furniture.
The easiest way to get rid of a shallow dent to to place a dry cloth towel on the damaged area and lightly place a very warm clothes iron on the dent for just a few seconds. The iron should hot, but not hot enough to scorch the surrounding finish. Just start off with the lowest setting and go to a high setting if needed.
(do not use the steam!!!)
(just the heat)

That should let the wood raise enough to make the dent disappear.
If the dent is too deep for the iron trick you can get clear candle wax and rub into the defect until it is level with the surrounding area. Then mask off the area and spray with clear lacquer that matches and sheen of your furniture. When it has dried take off the masking tape and buff with 0000 steel wool and either liquid wax or water to get rid of the over spray and to make your repair even with the surrounding area.

If the dent is deep and has penatrated the color all you have to do is very lightly sand the outside area of the dent with 500 grit sandpaper. That will level out the dent to the surrounding area.
Then you can fill in the dent with a fil-stick that will match the area fairly close. Take your wood block and a clean cotton cloth and slowly rub the defect until you cannot feel a bump or a shallow spot. If you do feel a shallow spot reapply some more fill.
Then all you do is add your grain lines (if needed). Mask off the area and spray very lightly with clear lacquer.
Wait until it has dried then remove the masking and rub down with 0000 steel wool and either liquid wax or water to remove the overspray and then just wax the whole top.

Pretty Simple Huh!!!