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Hello and welcome to the Scratch page.
These tips will work on almost all woods with a lacquer finish. Cherry is the hardest to repair but it can be done . You just have to be very careful not to over do it.
To begin we will start by making a list of the products that you will need to start taking scratches out of your wood furniture.
  1. Steel wool pad --0000-- (local hardware or paint store)
  2. Clear lacquer: dead flat    flat    satin    or   gloss. Depends on what sheen you have. Spend a little more and not just buy the cheap can.(local hardware or paint store).
  3. Sandpaper: 320-1000 grit (paint store or automotive paint supply)
  4. Liquid wax for wood furniture.
  5. Assorted colors of fill sticks. Looks like a big crayon.
  6. Assorted colors of wood markers. Even eye liner pencils will work.
  7. A wood block. (to wrap the sandpaper around to get a flat edge).
   If your furniture just has surface scratches (the ones that you cannot feel). You can get rid of them by just using the steel wool and a little bit of water.
Always rub with the grain never against the grain.
   If you go against the grain you will just cause more scratches. Always go with smooth overlapping strokes. Do not press hard or you will just dull the finish. Just let the steel wool do the work. When you hold the steel wool in your hand make sure that the pad fits from your fingers to your palm. That way the pad has more cutting force. If you hold the pad across you palm you can actually put very tiny pieces of the pad into the lacquer and they will rust with time and make your project have little rust spots.   When you get all the scratches out take the liquid wax and apply it to a soft cloth in a circular motion over the entire top. Let it dry to a haze (like you would on a car) and buff with another clean soft cloth.

  If your scratch is deep enough that you can feel with your finger nail but not into the stain (the color of your furniture) You will have to use sandpaper to gently sand the area down.

Always go with the grain.
  Start off with 400 grit sandpaper and water. Make sure you use a wood block to give you a nice flat surface. Just let the sandpaper do the work. You do not have to press hard. When the scratch is gone you will have to shine up the area by using 600 grit sandpaper and water. Then you can blend in the area with the steel wool always going with the grain. Then you can apply the wax.
   If your scratch has gotten into the stain and damaged the wood you will have to repair the wood before you can fix the scratch. Start off by cleaning out the scratch with a little piece of 320 grit sandpaper about 1 inch square. Just fold the sandpaper in half and use only the edge of the sandpaper. You want to get in the scratch without damaging the surrounding area
(don't make the job bigger than it is!!!)
  After you have cleaned out the scratch you can rub in a fill-stick into the scratch. Just pick a color that matches your furniture. Just rub into the damaged area until it is filled then take a clean cloth that is wrapped around your block of wood to level the area to the surrounding area. If your scratch is with the grain you can just leave it (providing that you have matched the color of the surrounding area). If the scratch is against the grain you will have to color in the grain lines with the wood markers or the eye liner pencils. mask off the repaired area and take your clear lacquer and apply it to the area. Just lightly spray the repaired area. You do not have to spray a lot just enough to cover the spot. Short overlapping strokes is best. After it dries you can take off the masking and rub the entire area with steel wool and water to blend it in to the surrounding area. Just do not get into a rush. If you take your time it will come out right.